Portsmouth Football Club boasts a proud history since its formation in 1898. Through a series of themed Pompey Elevens, this website tells the story of the club through the players that have represented it – the so-called dream teams and nightmare line-ups. 

As a rule, the Pompey Elevens sides include players with a story to tell. However, if you feel we’ve made a mistake or serious omission with our selection policy then, by all means, please contact us via Twitter @PompeyElevens. Who knows, we might bow to terrace pressure and alter the line-up.

The author

Pompey fan and full-time journalist Gary Tipp @garytipp was born and bred on the island, went to the same school as Peter Ellis and often bought sweets from Albie McCanns' newsagents on Winter Road. If you want to get in touch then feel free to email me at garyetipp@gmail.com

And I can't go without a big thank you to Peter Jenkins, whose labyrinthine Flickr account (Pompey Bits & Pieces) has been invaluable in livening the site up with images.

Pompey Fan Elevens

If you would like to submit your own Pompey Eleven then we'd be more than happy to publish it. Just pick a team of favourite players from across the eras and place them in a formation. You'll then need to write 15-20 words on each player before emailing your team to garyetipp@gmail.com